For over 40 years, Spec Industries has utilized its manufacturing expertise and technology to help customers solve their toughest Plastic, Nylon and Powder Coating challenges.



At our 20,000 square foot warehouse we utilize our world class facilities to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Spec Industries has the ability to coat many different types of metals and products  and is a leading coating supplier to the medical, automotive, and military industries amongst others. We specialize in providing the same level of customer service to our customers regardless of size. Whether your needs are small or large, our personalized world class service remains the same.

Our equipment includes: two conveyor systems, four small batch ovens, and two large batch ovens. This allows us to provide an efficient, cost-effective environment with which to meet our customers' needs. Spec Industries has the capability to coat parts up to 21 ft. long and as small as a dime.Our ability to meet your nylon, powder and plastic coating needs is second to none.

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