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Nylon Coating

Spec Industries applies nylon coatings to medical devices and a wide range of other industrial parts,. Service temperatures range from -60 C to 150 C and can be autoclaved in medical applications. We offer selective area coating and we offer a specialized control room for the elimination of contaminants.

Properties of Nylon Coating 

Nylon coatings' gloss levels usually depend upon the coating selected, and typically range from 30 to 70 gloss.

Nylon coatings can adhere to practically any material: most metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, fabrics, and other composites. 


Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

Impact resistant with excellent resistance at all room temperatures

High abrasion resistance with a very smooth finish

Mechanically tough: high burst strength over a range of temperatures

High creep and wear resistance

FDA approved

Wide range of colors available

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